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E-mail if you know where any of the following brothers are:

Don Yesso--hiding from the paparazzi in Baton Rouge Click Here

Ray Evans    checked in!

David Theriot  spotted in 1997 (see below) checked in 9/03!

John Canatella-told Alvie he'd appear May 9th.  Right after Houdini...

Kevin Landry

Ricky McGough--wants to remain a ghost.  Pray for him.

Sam Abney---last spotted at Graybar Crawfish boil  ---checked in!

Roy Roberts ---checked in!

I'm not gone, I'm just a Ghost . . .





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March 25, 1997 in the Capitol Press Room

this was found on the web..---Editor

Shell Norco Refining, Norco - For establishing a salvage facility to facilitate the reuse rather than disposal of used industrial equipment
(Accepted by: Steve Brignac, Galen Trimonte, David Theriot)
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