National Educational Fraternity
Established 1892


Dinner 2005

113th Grand Conclave
Oklahoma Alpha's Gary Bell and Bud Mangum


Name Tags  
Our Moderator  
  Brothers Mohrman and Berg
Ricky, Browne, Dave, Bob,Jake,others  
Ricky, Dave, Danny The Gang
  At Tony D's
Roy, Tony


Roy, Jedi, Tony, Jack
Tony, Jack Ryan and Daigre
Jedi, Roy Bubba, Ms. Spyder
Roy, Marti Jedi, Amby
Tony D, Ricky, George Reno, Segari and Doc Ryan
Bissonet Tommy McCluskey Blackened Cashio
Amby, Zeke, Marti, Unk, Greg, Roy, Bob, Bob, Professor Roy, Segari, Zeke
Segari, Raziano,Professor, Tony D, Parra, Zeke, Marti, Unc, Reno, El Gato George, Marti, Parra
They gave their lives for drunken card games Nice sign from Brother Terry Rankin
Bubba, Roy Tony Barcelona operating the fire
Terry Rankin Before the first drink spilled
Charlie Cashio Wide Shot
Ricky, Greg B., Tommy Nash in the back Bud Mangum, George B., Ricky O' Brain
Charlie Ricky and Dana Whittaker
  Brother Bell, Frenches, Whittaker
Saint Johnny and Professor Smith McCluskey, Unk, frank Cashio
Poster by Terry Rankin Hackney, French
Brother Vic Unk, Frank Casahio
  French grateful for receiving Paddle Award
The Brothers of La. Eta Roy, Jedi, Professor, Johnny
Zeke, Browne C. The 2 Georges--Bode and Baumgartner


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