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Michael Wayne Thomason    
Michael Wayne Thomason on August 29, 2005 at St. Rita's Nursing Home in St. Bernard Parish. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma he resided in Metairie, Louisiana. He was 52. He is survived by his brother and spouse, Charles and Kathleen Thomason; his sister, Carolyn Anderson; and friend, David Berwald; two nieces, Karin Vermeulen and Renee Thomason; one nephew, Capt. Charlie Thomason. He was preceded in death by his parents, Clayton and Anne Thomason. Visitation will be on Tuesday, November 15, 2005 at 10:00 a.m. at St. John the Baptist Church in Brusly, LA followed by a funeral Mass at 11:00 a.m. Arrangements by SCHOEN FUNERAL HOME, Covington, LA



an article from 2003...

Rolling, rolling, rolling....kinda the story of Beaver's life Bill Schulte's Visit to Brother Mike Thomason "as the Beaver"
This is an email from Bill Schulte to Bubba Berg regarding Bill's visit to Mike "Beaver" Thomason in the nursing home.  For those who don't know, Mike is severely stricken with Multiple Sclerosis of the worst kind.  He is a shell of his former jovial self, but his mind is sharp as a tack and he still has his wry sense of humor.  Bill visited Mike over the Christmas holidays.----Editor

The Beaver


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Bubba, it was great for me too. I really enjoyed catching up with Susie. She
was always the smartest of us all. She more on the ball than most. I still
smile and crack up a bit when I think of Maribeux and Paris story.  Great
one. Majic PLE moment. And nobody got hurt.

I went to see Beaver. HE is at St. Ritas Nursing Home in Violet right down
the road from a good friend of my cousins house and my cousin lives nearby.
I went to see Beaver on New Years day and gave him the PLE hat and shirt. He
recongnized me and we had a great chat. I told him some stories of old and
he laughed as best as he could. He talked to me in a whisper and told me he
lost his teeth and ate mashed potatoes. I told him, after seeing an old
picture of him with his relfector sun glasses and mustache, that he used to
look like a drug dealer, now he looks like a drug user. HE cracked up. We
joked around for about and hour and I told him that we all loved him very
much and I loved him and appreciated his kindness to me as my big brother in
PLE and as USL when we were roommates in the dorms. I kissed him on the
forhead and gave him the grip. He could not pick up his hand so I picked it
up lightly. He is quite frail. But his mind is sharp and still has his wit
and toothless smile.   Go see him. He loves it and nobody visits him much
these days.

Talk soon.   bill

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1/8/03  billy man check out new format of ple website. please use discussion
page to let everybody know about your hoilday vist to mike thomason. we had
a great time on 12/29 was great to see you.  so moat it be   k e a bubba man


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