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Established 1892


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The Message Book is where all the action is.  Click here for the latest PLE conversation.

123rd Grand Conclave
Click Here for Pictures

Brother Max Berry

Rev. Berry, distinguished member of Oklahoma Alpha, passed away Wednesday after a struggle with Alzheimer's Disease.

Click Here for More Info

Tribute Video by Brother Jon Spence

122nd Grand Conclave
Click Here for Pictures

Oklahoma Historians Hall of Fame to induct Brother Max Nichols


Conclave 2011 Pictures

Walrus and Carpenter Club Pictures


Article by Jon Spence
Bob Bonnell Tribute

Rest In Peace
Butch "Grumpy" Hoke


THANKS!  A vintage fraternity pin was donated by Mike McGuire from Santa Rosa, CA.  he found it in his mother's jewelry collection and may have belonged to her father----Wallace O'Connor (1885-1924).  We are grateful to Mike for looking us up.

Get Your Goat
How Laird Palmer Got His Goat



Playoffs, Pool, Poker
Saturday October 16 in New Orleans

Details and Reservations


April 30-May 1 at Messina's and The Museum in Kenner.  Pictures

Brother Garner Jones Passes

Our deepest respects and sympathies to the family and friends of Brother Jones from all of his brothers of Phi Lambda Epsilon

Oklahoma Alpha K of A
Newly added Oklahoma Alpha K of A Archives scanned and submitted by Brother Jon Spence

Conclave 2009
A splendid time was had by all....
Conclave Weekend  Pictures

Pool/Poker 2007 Pictures
Almost 50 people.  I think I saw Elvis at the barbeque table.

Dave Does the Dome

Conclave 2007 Pictures
They came to New Orleans from all over.  Here's the pictures to go with those receipts you gave your wife.

The Dog Story
It's something you say "that can happen in someone else's neighborhood, but not mine."  Well here's a true story of life and death survival in the Carpet Business.

From The  Enterprise  Pontchatoula, LA

Warning:  may not be suitable for anyone

Heritage Hats!

Get yours before conclave.  Order by April 20tha nd receive by Conclave.  Visit the Tundra Nation page to order. CLICK HERE

May 4, 2007

Mark your calendar for the weekend of May 4th for this yer's Conclave Weekend.  Starting with Friday night's brotherhood dinner and Saturday's cards and cutting up, expect this yer to be the best year yet.


Double Barreled
The Weekend of 11/18 saw the loss of two brothers, Wren Mauer and Dana Whittaker.  Both will be sorely missed and pictures of each can be found from the Message Book. 
Message Book

Whittaker Memorial Fund


Pool and Poker at Eleven
The Annual Whitey's Pool tournament and Beaver Memorial Rematch is November 11th at 11.  This year's double brotherhood event will surely be an eleven, so polish your cue.  And when you are finished, wash your hands and write the date on your calendar beginning at Whitey's at 11:00 a.m.




Beaver Memorial Poker Tournament
Beaver drowned with 33 others in St. Rita's Nursing Home during Hurricane Katrina.  Help us honor him and make a donation to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  details
Oklahoma Alpha Dinner July 2006
Oklahoma Alpha chapter meets for dinner and exaggerated stories of greatness.




PLE 1900
thanks to Tom Broadhead
Oklahoma Alpha Dinner 2006
Roy's Fish
Fishing Trip 2006 Pictures
2006 Conclave Weekend Pictures


Walrus and Carpenter Club Pictures

Formal 2000

PLE 2004 Dinner Pictures

Oklahoma Alpha Diner Reunion Mini- conclave

Papa Bell

More Papa Bell Pictures

Send Your Pictures! 
I'll post pictures of PLEs and their families here.  Send or Email pictures to the Webmaster.

Read the Message Book
see what they're saying about YOU!



DVD Reviews

"Forty Years After" is Better Than "Godzilla" AND "Mothra" Put Together

Web Site Survey
Put your two cents in here,


Fishing Trip 2006
PLE 2, Fish 0 pictures

Best Graphic of Katrina Flooding
by Dan Swensen, The Times-Picayune


2006 Conclave
A splendid time was guaranteed for all, and we were not disappointed.  View the pictures and see for yourself.

Spanky's Walrus and Carpenter Club Meeting


The Walrus and the Carpeter

Holiday Humor
For some humor and cool video click here:  Humor  Cool Video
Syncronized Christmas Lights DisplayFamily Guy: Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Fishing Trip 2005
The brothers challenge King Neptune to cough up some of his fish. pictures
Order Custom PLE Shirts and Accessories from Greekgear .


Rare Photo From the Collection of a. george baumgartner
Brother George has shared with us some of his outstanding PLE images from his personal collection.  As always, these set the cause above renown . . .



Annual Meeting and Dinner---80 Confirmed Reservations
The annual Dinner Meeting will be held May 20 at Messina's.  CLICK HERE to visit the reservations page and see who is attending.  To help us keep you informed, please click here to update your PLE contact info.  Thanks.
For the Birds
(you gotta see this)

Another Gary Bell-ism


Yankee or Dixie Quiz (courtesy Brother Bell) Test your dialect to see if you speak "Dixie" or "Yankee."

DVD Featured at EJ-Riverdale Reunion
The PLE Epsilon DVD "Forty Years After" was played continuously on the theater screens of the EJ-Riverdale Reunion.  Richly edited with stereo sound and digitally enhanced footage from the early years of Epsilon.  Order Online!

View Trailer
Right Click and save to desktop for faster play


The Fly Story

Rated "PG-13"

Founders Day in Oklahoma circa 1962

Click Above

Bury the Dog Deeper Sends Pin
PLE Pool Tournament
Pictures to Follow!  Very Competitive, Very Bonding---whatever that means.


Know Thy Enemy
Important Terrorist Tips
Tropical Weather
Tropical Prediction Center, satellite photos of Frances.    more weather links
satellite image of a hurricane
This Land . . .
. . . is Our Land.  Click here to see why
I just like this picture.
Oklahoma Alpha Holds 2004 Mini-Conclave   click here
Article from 2004 Dinner

The Times-Picayune article covering the 2004 Annual Dinner.

From the PLE Vault
Archives from the K of A Book scanned for your viewing pleasure.

Danny Pitre Travels 3,000 Miles from California to Attend PLE Dinner  pics

Friends Forever (almost) from Brother Bell

Bell's Grandchild Picture Click Here

EJ/Riverdale Class Reunion 1964 Coming Up Soon
"Before and After"  pictures click here

Laird Pays Up 
LSU Wins

Garth Brooks Answers Janet Jackson
In a race to the bottom of entertainment taste, country music has tried to top Janet Jackson's Super Bowl performance. click here  This is just wrong in so many ways--Editor

Un-Writing History Revisions

Be smarter than all your email friends!  The real story behind all those newly-discovered history emails about "what really happened"    Hint:  most of the time, it didn't.

2003 Pool Tournament Pictures
The pictures from all the photographers are in. View new pictures.
Ghost Page Vanishing
Over one hundred members have registered at Phi Lambda Epsilon dot Com and nearly 7,000 8,000 hits since January 1, 2003.  We aim to please by serving our brothers well.  Our motto:  "The Website is free and worth every cent you pay for it."  Brothers registering with the PLE Website recently are:
David Theriot Louisiana Epsilon
Ramon Boulmay Louisiana Theta
Rev. Max Berry Oklahoma Alpha, Former Grand MNA
Ray Evans Louisiana Eta/Epsilon
Matt Hurst Louisiana Gamma
Joe Lopinto Louisiana Gamma
Mike Hudson Louisiana Epsilon
Sam Abney Louisiana Epsilon
Hurricane Isabel Pictures from Jed Cormier, Insurance Adjuster Extraordinaire
Endowment Fund History
John Coates related to Jon Spence this account of the Scholarship money    more
Oklahoma Alpha History on DVD
Brother Jon Spence has compiled a pictorial history of Oklahoma Alpha  more
Garner Jones Honored
Garner Jones named Conservationist of the Year in Greenwood, Arkansas     more
Harry Lee  BEFORE and AFTER
Sheriff Harry Lee undergoes gastric bypass surgery and the photos of his progress       

Sheriff Harry Lee

Boure' and Boxing at Tony D's
A splendid time was had by all         more


It Takes a Village People

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